Casino College looks to give students an sanghoki edge


With another massive influx of part-time dealers expected for this World Series of Poker, Casino College has introduced a developed a special sanghoki Dealing Course.

All WSOP hopefuls have to go through the same audition process as everyone, by applying online at & heading to Las Vegas for an in-person audition held in April & May, but this course is designed to give its graduates the edge when they get there.

Covering nearly a dozen variations of the game the course doesn’t just cover the physical side of dealing, they are also having WSOP insider connections fly in to deal out tips and advice to get students audition ready.

The massive growth in tournament registrations in such a short time there has often been a shortage of quality dealers when a large tourney rolls into town, more courses like this can only help put quality dealers on every table!

March WPT Grand Final

Another month means another WPT Grand Final,, and with another great turnout meant once again there were two WPT packages given away!

There were some big names at the final table, going out in 4th was cash game regular bullitpete. He crashed out when he made a move preflop with A-8 ofsuit, unfortunatly for him he ran into a pocket pair and with no help from the board he was out.

Fresh from winning a WPT seat last month, Steener nearly won himself a second seat, falling painfully short, finishing in 3rd place. He went out when he tried for a power move holding top pair after the flop, unfortunatly his opponent flopped a set, and Steener was out.

That left our two seat winners for this month, SIMORG and ovnons. They battled it out to the finish and ovnons took the glory for the day, but I dont think either player really would have cared too much, they have both got to be pretty happy with their seat in a WPT event of their choice.

Keep an eye out for next months tourney, and you could win your very own $12,500 package to the WPT event of your choice.

Paul Wasicka channels a little Phil

I can’t believe I didn’t realise this earlier, I mean just look at the Wasicka pic from the WSOP.

Things got serious this week, firstly Paul was called up as Phil’s last minute replacement in the NBC National Heads Up Championship, then just like Phil in the first season, he won the whole damn thing!

Paul didn’t exactly have the easiest run in the tournament either, first up he had High Stakes Poker regular Eli Elezra, then 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem and then he had to get through old hand TJ Cloutier. All that was before his marathon match against young gun Nam Le, and possibly his trickiest matchup, Shannon Elizabeth. How on earth do you concentrate when you have ‘Nadia’ across the table from you?

In the best of three final Wasicka faced off against another former actor, Chad Brown. Brown jumped to an early lead in the first match but Wasicka fought back and eventually won convincingly in only two matches.

With what we’ve seen from Paul Wasicka so far, he just might one day have a collection of bracelets just like Phil.