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Online gambling addiction is a serious problem for some users which can’t seem to mix a healthy gambling hobby with a functional lifestyle and end up hurting themselves and those closest to them.

While gambling addiction is a problem recognized the world over, online gambling addiction is sometimes taken less serious by many who don’t realize that it has the same potential to ruin lives.


Online gambling addiction can potentially be harder to address due to the ease with which users can access online casinos. For the most part, however, online gambling addiction can be better managed than any other form of gambling addiction.


One of the advantages of using an online casino instead of classic casinos when it comes to dealing with addiction is the limits you can impose on the amounts you gamble. Restricting or closely monitoring the amount of money you have on your debit card can limit the amount you can lose, unlike a normal casino where addicts can borrow money, run a debt or simply pawn objects and gamble the money away. Some online casinos even offer free games which can be played without actually using any money.


Slots Magic casino games for example have numerous bonuses and special offers which gives them a high entertainment value, high earning potential and very small costs, making them a balanced choice for people who want to gamble responsibly.


However, regardless of how responsible some Online Casino Singapore may be, online gambling addiction is a serious problem and should be treated as such. Ignoring signs or encouraging a destructive behavior won’t help anyone.

Partners or friends of people who suffer from online gambling addiction can help them by learning about the condition and how it manifests. There are also numerous psychologists and support groups who specialize in treating most forms of addiction and can help with this rather new form of gambling addiction.


Bingo – Is its reputaion deserved?

Before there were casinos in many States there were bingo or beano parlors. These are the first “legalized gambling” establishments in many American States except Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Bingo is a game that has been around forever. It is simple in its rules, easy to play and with a little creativity new and exciting ways to win can be devised that keep all players interested and intrigued. The game provides entertainment for thousands of people on a nightly basis in church halls and non profit centers around the country. Yet there is a view of bingo that is less than flattering.


There is a reputation of bingo in the United States as being a game played by blue haired older woman and aged nursing home residents. This reputation is not well earned; the game is much more than that. It is a game of chance, much like poker or roulette. Bingo requires skills and mental acumen to manage the cards and cover the numbers. Remaining aware of the numbers that have been called and the ones remaining is necessary to be a winner. Bingo players today come from all walks of life, young and old, rich and poor; there is a bingo game for anyone.

Most bingo games, by state laws, are run for the benefit of some charitable organization or purpose. There has to be a sponsoring group that receives the profits and in turn distributes them to some charity or non profit.


Due to these regulations many people associate bingo with the Catholic Church and its local parishes. Many parishes operate bingo games as ways to generate additional income for the operation of schools, food banks and other charitable endeavors. Other social groups, such as the Knights of Columbus, American Legion Posts or social clubs also operate bingo games to generate money to support their charities. Today though, all bingo halls are not operated by churches or civic clubs. Many states sanction bingo halls that are operated by a company seeking to turn a profit. These companies will get non-profit organizations to sponsor the games and the proceeds will be given to the non profits. The company makes money through the sale of concessions, rental for the hall and buildings and the sale of related paraphernalia such as score cards, markers and electronic devices. These bingo halls are quickly becoming the center of bingo activity in many states. Although gambling may not be legal, bingo provides the first step towards other forms of table games and tournaments.


A little known fact is that several of the largest casinos operated by Native American tribes in the United States began as bingo operations. The most famous being the Foxwoods Casino and resort in Connecticut. When this Native American tribe was beginning their voyage into gambling they sought help from a successful bingo operation run by the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Maine. Through hard work and dedication this tribe had been able to generate profits from high stakes bingo games in northern Maine. They used the expertise gained from this bingo hall to begin Foxwoods as a high stakes bingo parlor. Now it encompasses what has become one of the largest casinos in the United States with more slot machines than any other casino. From the humble beginnings of bingo has sprung a modern marvel.


Bingo may be treated unfairly in the USA. It does not deserve its reputation as a simple game for old women in church halls. It has come a very long way.