Two people were killed and another was injured in an armed attack on a Moscow slot machine arcade early Thursday morning, in what has become the tenth such robbery in the city since the start of the year.


Armed men burst into the north Moscow arcade at about 6 a.m. and opened fire, the Interfax news agency reported. They killed a security guard and a customer, and seriously wounded the cashier.


The assailants took the cash from the slot and game machines before fleeing the scene.


Video and slot machine arcades have become extremely common all over Moscow, where Ingatbola88 gambling is legal. They are located next to virtually every metro station and stand out with their bright lights. The fact that they are often housed in quickly-erected kiosks makes them an easy target.


This latest incident is just the latest in a series of similar robberies this year — two people were killed in a similar incident at the end of May.




KANSAS CITY (AP) – A Kansas City municipal judge being investigated for accepting loans from lawyers has a gambling addiction, her attorney has confirmed.

Judge Deborah Neal, 54, has been on paid leave since Aug. 16; she remains hospitalized for treatment of depression. She was among the patrons in a Kansas City, Kan., casino that was raided by authorities in April.


Neal’s lawyer, John Kurtz, will not say how long the gambling problem has existed, though Neal filed for bankruptcy four years ago.


He also declined to say how many lawyers loaned the judge money and whether any of them practiced in her courtroom.


Ethics rules forbid judges from accepting loans from lawyers who appear before them.


The judge, …

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Online gambling, online poker and Agen Bola popular amongst young people




When Jeremy Tole wants to find a game of poker, he has a lot of outs.


First, he’ll look in his cell phone for acquaintances who play. He’ll also go to Facebook, the online directory for university communities, where there’s a “Kirkwood College Poker Club” group.


In all, there are between 50 to 75 people that Tole, an 18-year-old Kirkwood Community College student, can contact to get a poker game going on any given night in Iowa City.


“All but one of my guy friends play poker,” said Tole, who plays four times a week.


Tole and his buddies are far from alone in their enthusiasm for gambling.


About 2.9 million people between the ages of 14 and 22 gamble on cards on a weekly basis, according to a September 2005 survey by The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. The monthly gambling rate for that age group jumped 20 percent between 2004 and 2005.


The overwhelming majority, 80 percent, are male, and gambling rates are higher among youth who attend school. About 50 percent of college males gamble on cards monthly, according to the survey.


Poker and online gambling in particular have exploded in popularity in the past several years. A big reason for that, experts say, are the million-dollar poker tournaments broadcast on television and the availability of Internet gambling.


“With ESPN showing the ‘World Series (of Poker),’ you see them make $2 million, and they’re just playing cards,” said Jesse Bockelman, 22, a senior at UI.


Bockelman’s stakes are generally much smaller. When he has the money, he plays Internet poker about two hours a night.


He sticks to $2 or $3 tables, but he’s won as much as $400 and …


UK Newspaper Launches Togel Poker Room



The British newspaper Metro, which has readership in 13 U.K. cities, has launched a new poker and online bingo site. The paper has over 2.8 million readers online and in distribution, and hopes to tap into this following in the online poker market. The paper has signed a deal with St. Minver for online bingo and poker facilities, and the poker software will be Boss Media’s. The site will join the International Poker Network of sites along with Liberty Poker,, Casino Club Poker and


The popularity of poker in the U.K. has big media players all competing for the gaming dollar. Now that the game is regulated in the U.K., different types of companies are putting resources into profiting from the game. Metro is the fourth largest paper in the U.K. and should make a splash in the U.K. gaming market, if their marketing approach properly reaches the public.


MMA Champ to Host Charity Poker Tournament


Randy Couture, the UFC heavyweight champion (aka “The Natural”) who recently resigned from Dana White’s hugely popular MMA organization, is set to host a charity poker tournament on January 12, 2008 at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in (where else?) Las Vegas.


Jamie Gold, the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event winner, and Dean Cain, the actor who starred as Superman in the popular television series “Lois and Clark”, have signed on to be part of the field in “Operation All In”.


With a buy-in of only $550 “Operation All-In” is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event with a guaranteed prize pool. The goal? To raise money for the Xtreme Couture GI Foundation, a non-profit founded by Randy and Kim Couture to honor the veterans of America’s armed forces. Its …

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How exactly do Real Money Online Slots Work in Bitcoin Dice



Slot games- they are, without doubt, one of the fastest and easiest ways of earning big bucks. Online slot games, with real money slots, are a very easy way to earn money in the comfort of one’s own home and that too with very little effort. The wonder that they are, they have often left us thinking about the mechanism behind their functioning. A peek into this secret not only solves the mystery, but also allows players to gain a better understanding of these online games to properly judge their credibility and reliability, in terms of random outputs.


General Mechanism of Slot Machines


The real money slots in casinos work through a basic combination of reels, stoppers and a lever. The most conventional mechanism requires the player to pull the lever, which sets into motion the reels. After a point of time, the reels are brought to rest by the stoppers and if the pictures on all the reels form a prerequisite line, the sensors pick it up and announce the winner. However, technology has undergone massive changes in the last few decades and casino slot machines have not been left untouched by these changes. Nowadays, the motion of the reels is administered by a computer, which supervises the working of these progressive jackpots.


How Numbers are Randomly Generated


The random number outputs are at the crux of these progressive jackpots. They are responsible for the results generated as well as for the line of pictures presented. This is how all the magic takes place: The random number generator gets to work immediately when the lever is pulled by the player. It, then, spits out numbers between 0 to many millions in a matter of a few seconds, resulting in an output of over …

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Hot Ways To Increase Odds in a Agen Bola Casino



The odds in every casino that ones to is always stacked against them. Casino are in the business of making money and the last thing they need is to have players win the jackpot over and over again. Here are a few tips that can help players beat the odds and win.


Avoid alcohol at all costs Alcohol is the number one enemy of a clear and calm mind. Casinos use drinks to release the inhibitions of players and this makes players act careless and bet a bit more than they should have. Alcohol clouds the perception of time in the casino to make players think that its still early to go home yet. It is best to take a few drinks between each game and to make sure there is food in ones stomach as well.


Be confident Even the most composed player becomes undone when a winning streak starts. Players get too caught up in the winning moment that they throw away all caution and start betting big. One should assess what is happening at the moment and not lose control else one own earnings start vanishing quickly.


Don’t boast In every casino there are characters that would suddenly linkup with a player who boasts of winning or sees that the player has accumulated a large bankroll. Players tend to be fooled by these thieves into lending them money to play for next round and other excuses. Players should not brag of the amount they have won or lost and store any belongings or winnings in the hotel or casino vault until they are ready to depart for home.


Play the games you know One must be able to master one game in order to be able to a gather a win …

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Terungkap Tips Rahasia Togel Singapore Cara Menang Taruhan Sbobet Bola



RAHASIA CARA MENANG TARUHAN – Terungkap rahasia cara menang taruhan judi bola sbobet, dalam dunia perjudian bola online, para agen judi bola tidak akan mencari cara maupun berpikiran bagaimana cara agar anda pemain judi bola kalah dan kemenangan sudah pasti di pihak agen, mengapa demikian ? itu karena pemain judi kemungkinan kalah lebih besar daripada agen judi. Maka dari itu kami akan beberkan Rahasia Cara Menang Taruhan sbobet. Baca Juga : Tips Mendaftar Taruhan Judi Bola Online Lewat Hp


Sudah banyak sekali pemain judi bola yang kalah dalam bertaruh, dan hanya sedikit pemain yang bisa menang dalam taruhan bola, terdapat banyak faktor mengapa ada pemain yang dapat menang maupun selalu kalah. Kami sebagai agen judi bola online yang terpercaya dan berpengalaman akan memberikan tips rahasia cara menang taruhan sbobet bola agar anda dapat menang atau setidaknya kemungkinan untuk kalah akan menjadi sangat kecil, berikut ini selengkapnya :


Terungkap Tips Rahasia Cara Menang Taruhan Sbobet Bola

Membaca Prediksi Bola dan Berita Terupdate.

Sebagai pemain judi bola, sudah tentu anda harus mengikuti berita bola terupdate, dengan anda baca berita bola maka anda tentunya akan mengetahui team mana yang akan bertanding kemudian pemain bintang yang ikut main atau malah absen, anda juga bisa mencari tau dengan cara membaca prediksi bola strategi apa yang akan dimainkan oleh team yang akan anda pilih untuk bertaruh dalam judi bola. Tidak sembrono dan gegabah dalam pasang taruhan dapat membuat kesempatan anda meraih kemenangan akan lebih besar.

Mengikuti Posisi Klasemen Sementara.

Jika anda dalam situasi yang sedang kalah berkali-kali, maka strategi yang baik adalah anda melihat dan mengikuti posisi team pada klasemen dalam liga tertentu. Posisi suatu team dalam klasemen sementara akan membantu anda untuk mengetahui team manakah yang sedang dalam kondisi bagus dan team mana yang dalam kondisi menurun, itu dapat membantu anda …

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PartyPoker, ESPN radio launch Togel Online charity tourney at the Bike



A rare example of cooperation between an online poker website, a radio station and a bricks-and-mortar cardroom will take place on Sunday November 14.


Party Poker is bankrolling a charity tournament at the Bicycle Casino in partnership with ESPN Radio 710.


In the 1st Annual ESPN Radio 710 Mason & Ireland Celebrity Poker Party 700 poker players, including some Hollywood celebrities, will compete in a No-Limit Hold ’em tournament for a guaranteed $25,000 first prize. Proceeds will benefit the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.


The cost to buy into the tournament is $200 plus a $30 entry fee and players have the option to buy in multiple times should they be eliminated early. Pre-registration is available at Walk-up registration will be allowed on the day of the event at “the Bike” in Bell Gardens, Los Angeles, until maximum capacity is reached.


The prize pool will be determined by the number of entries and cash prizes will be awarded to the top 45 positions. The first place winner will receive approximately forty percent of the total prize pool with a guaranteed minimum of $25,000. Fifteen per cent of the prize pool will be donated to the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.


UK vs. US is part of Monte Carlo Poker Week


Four of the top Togel Online poker players from Europe and the U.S. will battle in a no-limit Texas Hold’em battle in the first ever Transatlantic Poker Cup next week.


Britain’s “Hendon Mob” – Barny Boatman, Ram Vaswani, Joe Beevers and Ross Boatman – will represent the UK and face four of the best U.S. players, Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and John Juanda, as part of the Monte Carlo Millions.


The Transatlantic Poker Cup will …

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Slow Playing in Limit – Post Flop at



Slowplaying is one of those poker techniques that is a double edged sword. Sometimes you can extract a lot of extra action out of your opponents by taking your time and misrepresenting your hand. Other times, by not acting aggressively enough and claiming the pot early, you’ll give your opponents a chance to pull ahead of you and take down the pot.


So, how is a player supposed to know when to open the betting throttle, and when to take it easy?


One thing to take into consideration is the limits at which you are playing and the skill level of your opponents. At most low limit tables, your opponents are concerned with how nice their hand looks, and aren’t giving your holdings a second thought. In these situations, just bet and give them something to call. Especially if they are the passive type, and won’t be making any bets on their own. After all, why just give them free cards?




If you’re playing at a table with craftier opponents, things change, and your list of potential poker tools to use expands to include the Slow Play.




Slowplaying requires that you flop a fantastic hand. Not a pretty good hand, a fantastic one. Pretty good hands require protection, so you should bet them! visitez le site




Say you flop bottom set, with a flush draw on the board. Bet, or better yet, raise! A set is a wonderful thing to flop, but if with a draw on the board, there’s no need to coax extra bets out of a player, and even less of a reason to give free or cheap cards. If someone is on a draw, they ought to pay for the priveldge of seeing …

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Heritage Associated with Video Clip Texas Hold’em Video Game


Gran Ethan Berkowitz launched extra public well being and wellness activities to shield Anchorage homeowners versus COVID-19, consisting of the particular closure of personal computer gaming centers. Strong cleaning, as nicely as preventative activities, have been completed for the security and security regarding workers as properly as visitors. Repayment on ComeOn is usually simple, and furthermore they will vary selections to take out or transfer the cash. Cash demands to alter hands before that takes place. Also, video gambling websites make that possible for the particular transfer by offering a smaller size or a larger option of gambling organization settlement approaches. The particular minute a character has acknowledged the particular cards they want to throw out; various additional cards transform these types of people in the program; if they can produce any online poker mix, they succeed. All the details we all supply is 100% impartial and sensible, created with the intention of producing certain of which our visitors could delight in the very best online gambling experience feasible.

With typically the surge in appeal of mobile Betting establishments over the particular previous couple associated with years, we understand that our visitors are usually coming to become significantly thinking regarding discovering the very best cellular Gambling establishments plus the most latest mobile video online games launch as well as promos. You’ll likewise have typically the ability to pick between having enjoyment in your mobile internet browser, because well as downloading it and install a gambling establishment software. Standard table in addition to togel Singapore online are usually preferred, and also, with mobile video gaming at typically the center, you may at present play mobile ports on the activity as an example. They can use their perks to discover even more regarding various bandar togel online video games apart from …

Casino– Classes Discovered From Google


This is certainly specifically real in order to pertains to video games like blackjack and video Casino. If you would certainly additionally such since to appreciate a couple of rounds of standards like Reside roulette or Black jack, the Online on line casino area is the area to go. Of which leads the world wide web gambling enterprises to be able to provide blackjack versions that pay practically one hundred percent back and the highest-paying variations of various other prominent video games like reside roulette and craps. Every one of the typical internet casino video games, just like blackjack and reside roulette, can become discovered online. You’ll likewise discover generally all of your current favored port game titles online, including main ports like Bargain Or No Good deal, and a large range of powerful reward ports. Across the internet online casinos provide a number associated with the very exact same video gaming you’ll identify in a land-based on-line casino. As legitimate online wagering remains to be to broaden inside the United States, you’ll see even more lawful betting internet sites open a larger selection of items. However, today, we are usually most likely to understand even more concerning these ingredients that are usually weirder than something else around typically the globe, also with regard to an on typically the internet gamer.

As an outcome regarding the ability to dip directly into the house, inside a regulated plus the planet, they usually are also prepared to emphasis even more excitedly on the pleasure itself and the lessons they should be changing to increase their particular training. Texas Keep ’em Casino Tables, Foldable Casino Dining tables, Chairs, Covers, Video clip Game Area Signals, Black Jack Furniture, Casino Table Covers, Chip Sets, Copag Cards, Casino Credit card Guard Protectors & Even more …