As well as being a consultancy offering expertise, Webecs Consultants offers a number of Telecom-related products, either directly or through appointed suppliers. Our product range today covers the following items :


  • 0845 / 0800 non-geographic numbers, to rent or buy.
  • Video-conferencing products.
  • Desktop and Laptop computers from £125.00 (excl VAT),(with XP operating system).

Non-Geographic Numbers : 0800 , 0845 Inbound Services.

A feature of our 0800 and 0845 numbers is they are available for permanent purchase or short to long term rental from us, allowing you more control of your costs.

Video Conferencing.

We are not currently offering video conferencing products to buy from us “off the shelf”, but we do offer consultancy to clients, and can direct clients to a number of equipment and software providers. We provide further details of this service here.

Computer hardware : Desktop and Laptops.

We can provide a range of computers, with a host of features. Starting from ?125 (excluding P&P;). Typical spec for this level is :
Pentium 4 processor, processor speed >1.8GHz, 1GByte RAM, 40GByte of brand new ROM, fully licenced XP operating system, CD-DVD, including keyboard/ mouse.
Contact us directly with your requirements, and see how we can supply your requirements at affordable prices. We can also supply screens with desktops (eg TFT Flat screens)