Our Service Approach

A prime objective of Webecs Consultants is to provide a full service on a world wide basis. Our headquarters are in Camberley, Surrey. However, we work closely with clients, wherever they are based, whether through remote tele-working, or on a client’s site, to ensure our location does not preclude us from providing a comprehensive service in the timescales required.

In undertaking projects, we take care to understand your objectives – and our consultant’s are as committed to meet them as you are.

Through a nimble company approach, we offer fast solutions at a limited cost. If you are looking for expertise in any of the areas listed below, we are here to help you.

To enable us to respond with a customised solution to your requirements, we ask that you initially provide us with an overview of the project by completing our service request form.

Our Charges

Webecs provides flexible project pricing. This can be based on daily or hourly rates – according to skillset – or (for small projects) can be customised for a complete project, which is scoped and priced accordingly and is then not time dependant. We keep overheads low, enabling us to offer competitive project pricing.

Additionally, we are mindful of limited funds available to some individuals and charities and, subject to status, offer discounts on a number of our services accordingly.